1. Go to the GFJ Library’s Online Resources page, and click Download Zone.
  2. Locate a title that you would like to check out.
    1. You can search for a book, author, subject, or keyword using the search box on the top right of the page.
    2. The navigation bar on the top contains links to the different types of books available in the Download Zone, very similar to the different sections of books you would find in the library. To browse a section, click on the link.
  3. When you find a book you want to check out, click on the icon of the cover. This will give you more information on the title. To proceed with checking it out, click “Borrow.”
  4. Select your home library.
  5. Log in with your library card number and PIN. (Please check with the library if you need assistance with your PIN.)
  6. You have now checked out the book. It appears on the bookshelf of your account and you are able to download it.
  7. To download it to your computer, click download. Make sure you are selecting Kindle for the format. If you select and download the wrong format you will have to return the book and try again- if you had the book on hold you will have to reenter the queue.
  8. Kindle books are downloaded through Amazon after they are checked out through the library system. Click on “Get library book” on the far right to start the download process.
  9. You will be prompted to sign into your Amazon account and to select which device you would like your library book sent to.
  10. If you selected a library book that said “USB Only” you will have to connect your Kindle to the computer to download the book. Otherwise it can be sent over wifi.
  11. You will receive confirmation that your Kindle book was sent to your device.
    1. If you sent the book wirelessly, you may need to ‘sync’ the device before the book will appear on your shelf. You can do this under the options menu of your Kindle.
  12. To return your Kindle book, select ‘Manage your Kindle’ while logged onto Your library book will show up in your Kindle library as a public library item. The ‘Actions’ drop down menu on the right contains the option to return your Kindle book and to delete it from your library.

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