Webcomics for Kids & Teens

Middle Grade Webcomics

These are all free!

  • Audrey’s Magic Nine This webcomic, now a series of graphic novels, centers on a black orphan adopted by a well-meaning but clueless suburban white couple.
  • The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo Charles has moved from his comfy home and to a dilapidated hotel in a strange city, where there’s a troll in his closet. Also available as a book at the GFJ Library.
  • Cucumber Quest In this video game–esque tale, adorable Cucumber the bunny and his sister Almond fight evil. Also available as a book at the GFJ Library.
  • Homestuck Follows John Egbert, who on his 13th birthday plays a video game that unleashes the apocalypse. A fun story that’s part video game and part comic.
  • Ozy and Millie The archive of the original comic about two foxes which is now a book by the author of the bestselling Phoebe and Her Unicorn series.
  • Scared by the Bell Though being the new kid is never easy, it’s especially hard for Peter, an average kid whose classmates include a mummy, a pumpkinhead, and a skeleton in this hilariously creepy, weekly webcomic.
  • Sheldon A funny comic starring Sheldon, a 10-year-old billionaire, his friends Emily and Dante, his grandfather, a talking duck, a dog, and a lizard.
  • The Wormworld Saga Jonas escapes into his vivid daydreams and finds himself lost in a fantasy world, unable to return.