2019 Vote

Union Library Funding Initiative 2019

In 2004, the voters of the Town of Union approved taxes to fund the town’s two public libraries—Your Home Public Library in Johnson City and George F. Johnson Memorial Library in Endicott. This funding kept both libraries open and allowed them to return to a full level of service after years of cuts. Town voters approved funding increases in 2008 and 2014. There has been no increase in the past five years.

An initiative to request an increase in library funding is underway, similar to previous votes. The referendum will take the form of one proposition on the November 2019 ballot.

Estimated Tax Impact

The proposed new amount would be split as follows:

  • $777,282 for Your Home Public Library in Johnson City
  • $1,122,497 for George F. Johnson Library in Endicott

The typical ESTIMATED residential monthly library tax payments to cover both libraries are:

House Value Current Monthly Payment 2018 Proposed Monthly Payment 2019 Proposed Monthly Increase from Previous Year
$50,000 $2.50 $2.78 $0.28
$75,000 $3.76 $4.17 $0.41
$100,000 $5.01 $5.56 $0.55
$125,000 $6.26 $6.95 $0.69
$150,000 $7.52 $8.34 $0.82
$200,000 $10.02 $11.12 $1.10

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • The petition requests that a funding increase for the George F. Johnson Memorial (Endicott) & Your Home Public (Johnson City) libraries be put up for a vote. The petition does not, by itself, increase library funding. Funding can increase only with the approval of the voters in the Town of Union.
  • If successful, this funding will add about $4.92 annually to the typical ($75,000) homeowner’s property tax bill (see chart below; the exact amount depends on assessed value of the specific property). If the vote is unsuccessful the assessment will stay at the same level as authorized by the 2014 vote, but may result in service cuts.
  • The vote on November 5, 2019 will decide whether or not there will be a funding increase.
  • The Board of Trustees of each library determines its need, and the total amount requested in the funding referendum is the sum of those two figures.
  • Users of the Endicott and Johnson City libraries who live outside of the Four County Library System (Broome, Delaware, Chenango & Otsego counties) pay an annual fee if they wish to obtain a library card at either library. New York State law prohibits charging user fees otherwise.

Additional Information