Become the Library Detective and try all of our Digital Escape Rooms!

The Phantom Saga

The Phantom of the Library
Calling all library detectives! Can you save our library from the Phantom? Find out, if you dare, in our first digital escape room.

The Phantom of the Library Returns
The Phantom has returned and we need your help, Library Detective.

Mirror Mirror Saga

Lost in Glass
This time we are calling on the Library Detective to save the disappearing fairy tales!

Trapped in Oz
The mirror goblin sent you to Oz, can you find your way home in this next installment to the Library Detective Digital Escape Room Series?

Breakout of Neverland
The Library Detective now must Breakout of Neverland if they ever want to get home again!

Escape from Wonderland
Adventure through Wonderland to finally defeat the the mirror goblin in this final installment of the Mirror Mirror Saga!

Searching the Wizarding World Saga

Searching the Wizarding World Part 1
The wizarding world needs your help. Take your first journey to get one of seven magical objects needed to fight a dark curse on the castle.

Themed Specials

Surviving the Monster Mash
The library on Halloween night is overrun by classic monsters and we need your help to get them back into their books! They are all dying to meet you.

Missing Romance: A Valentine’s Day Mystery
Can you help repair the broken hearts of literary characters and find the missing romance books?

Library Detective the Musical: “Wicked” Good Time
The Phantom of the Library is at it again. This time he wants to create a library musical, and you are the star!

The Library Detective & the Beast
You are back to figure out the Beast’s story and break the curse that has fallen upon the library, for all the library staff have turned into animals. Please help, Library Detective!