Our Library Needs Your Help!

HELP! GFJ needs your help. We’ve been busy since June collecting signatures needed to place a library funding proposition on the ballot in the Town of Union this November to increase funding for the Endicott & Johnson City libraries. We need about 1,000 more signatures by the end of August. About 90% of the funding for these two libraries comes from a special assessment in the Town of Union. They receive no direct funding from either Village, the Town of Union, or Broome County and have not had a funding increase since the last vote in 2008.

Let’s celebrate GFJ’s 100th anniversary with a successful funding drive and avoid reduced hours or cuts in our book, programming, and computer budgets. If you are a registered voter in the Town of Union you can sign the petition. (If you’re not registered we have copies of the voter registration form!) You can even get a copy of the petition at the library and ask your family and friends to sign or ask them to drop by the library to do so. The survey is also available to print by clicking here. (Adobe Reader is required.) Please make sure you have a registered Town of Union voter witness your signature.

The clock is ticking on quality library service in this community. If you value it please do your part.

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